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Map Name :: IC4 M5 Defend This!
Category :: Joint Operations IC
Game Type :: Single Player / COOP
Description:: Defend the fort from incoming troops. Then destroy the green portable generaters that supply the fort with electricity, which are in the fort and amoung the trees. Then the civilians will load onto the medic-truck in front of the garage. Drive the civilians to a parking spot in front of the trailor armory area, which is next to a helocopter... you will go through the teleporter to an island where the enemy's chemical rocket and command complex is located. Kill the commander, and blow up the radios, supply trucks, ammo-bunker with crates and the sniper tower. Return through the teleport and destroy the remaining weapon crates in the farm and church to win! 1. Hints: - Enemy respawn two times... three times the killing! - Auto-health and ammo areas indicated by orange flags. - Two-way Teleport System (go back and forth)
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