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Map Name :: Z10 Embassy
Category :: Joint Operations ESC
Game Type :: Team King Of The Hill
Description:: The coop version is generic and basically just to get you to get used to the large scaled version of the map. Read on. Urban map - nuff said. This map has a large size and a smaller scaled version with only 1 PSP (the rebel embassy complex 3rd floor). The bigger version has tanks, helis, and more. Time was spent on this map to try and make curbs, huge warehouse buildings with windows, ladders to the high rooftops, mobile armories, and much more. There is a parking garage and alleys for paths for you to try and get to the key locations in attempts to take over bases or prevent the enemy from getting by you. A well constructed map which has maxed out all available objects allowed by the N.I.L.E. map editor. Attack & Defend also has 2 versions. The 1st version has rebels trying to destroy oil tanks, satellites, and more which are crucial elements for JO forces. The other version (z10jo is in the filename) has rebels trying to defend the enemy complex at night. JO must destroy the 50 cals and various crates that are in the embassy complex.
Map Rating :: Not Rated 

24 Downloads Since 7:06 PM - Sep 6, 2008
Map Creator :: Tom Anger :: View All Maps  By Tom Anger

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