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Map Name :: MB City Tower
Category :: Joint Operations
Game Type :: Single Player / COOP
Description:: An enemy command center is located in the middle of this city. You have to destroy all communication equipment there. When everything is blown, stop the enemy assault and head to the final waypoint for extraction. The city is heavily defended, there are patrols all over the place and the building is protected with a security system. You must disable the security by blowing the 4 security boxes around the building before you can enter. In total you will encounter over 800 enemies in this map. The area around the building is protected with anti vehicle mines, so rushing into the PSP is not going to work. Take your time, you will properly never get rid of all the patrols (well you can, but mostly you are inside the building before that happens), but you will notice there are getting less of them and you have a good chance to take B. Good luck!
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178 Downloads Since 7:50 AM - Aug 24, 2008
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