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Map Name :: OP Major PMS IC4
Category :: Joint Operations IC
Game Type :: Single Player / COOP
Description:: This map has been in the works for many months now. It has been on our server for testing and adjustment for some time so it should run smoothly without any problems! A Big Thanks to all the squads that tested this map for us and a BIG "Thank You" to all the players that pop in on our server to help us test this map over and over again! LOL! Is it Girls Gone Wild? Not the video! LOL! These woman have gone mad! They have taken over the city, taken the men hostage and they got out the leather and chains. OUCH! Your job will be to save the men. Beware though it's that time of the month! Bring lots of Pamprin Max. LOL! Goals: Destroy all targets marked in purple. Free the hostages in Villa one Destroy all targets marked in blue. Free the hostages in Villa two Destroy Radio Equipment. Find the Woman in charge and kill her. ELIMINATE ALL RESISTANCE visit Map Created By GWL-Kel and GWL-Dawg O War. Technical wac help and Screen GWL-AMP.
Map Rating :: Not Rated 

85 Downloads Since 7:37 AM - Aug 24, 2008
Map Creator :: GWL-Kel :: View All Maps  By GWL-Kel

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